Model:  Shonel Jackson

Solace Designs is a unique brand of Jewellery & Accessories meticulously made to the highest standards. Solace was created by Shonel Jackson, a self thought designer, who has in turn found solace in moulding sterling silver, copper and brass wire into stunning, eye-catching and one of a kind pieces.  Freshwater Pearls, Semi-precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals and Leather, as well as the beauty of nature itself, inspires me to create my own brand of art.


The current collection are all one of a kind creations.  They are Chokers which comprise of a large central semi-precious stone and incorporates other smaller stones.  The gems are delicately woven together with wire into abstract, unique and sometimes very lifelike artistic pieces.  So lifelike in fact, that each piece has inpired its own name.  From Shield, to Black Widow, Eau de Parfum or the vivacious Roxanne, each piece has a personality all of its own.   The pendants then hang from hand stitched, firm, soft leather chokers.  They would be a welcome addition to any hip fashionista's show-stopping repertoire!

ABOVE  -  Designer, Shonel Jackson a.k.a. Solace, modelling a handmade leather studded Chest Plate.  This and other designs were inspired by accessories worn by the Ancient Egyptians, another passion of Miss Jackson.