Keep Calm And Work On

So, last week was pretty much full on! I've achieved a new record and created THREE new Chokers for my one of kind collection all in under a week! Exhausting it was. I now realise there are muscles in my hands I never knew existed!

However, all of the work paid off. I now have three wonderful new statement show pieces to add to my growing collection. I started off with La Femme, a gorgeious orange and cream coloured Agate stone teased with copper, brass and bold natural ruby stones. I think, the essence of femininity!

Then there was Evolution, a piece that I, for some reason, found it dificult to come up with a name for. And after a mini competition to chose a name, Miss Samantha 'Sparkles' Harris came up with the perfect choice with 'Evolution.' A 25% coupon code for her troubles :)

To top off the week, JAZZ then made an appearance! Rich brown and reddish hues of the Agate intermingles with Watermelon Tourmaline and Sodalite to create this new artistic treasure!

Find them all in the Choker Gallery above. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring in the wonderful world of my new Choker Collection! x

#choker #jewellery #solacedesigns #design #oneofakind #london #fashion #statmentpiece #catwalk #gemstone

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