¡Soy Solaceǃ

I am Shonel Jackson, a professional actress for the last seven years. Two years ago, I stumbled upon jewellery designing... and rest, as they say, is history...

My current collection consists of one of kind creations. They are Chokers which comprise of a large central semi-precious stone and incorporates other smaller stones. The gems are delicately woven together with wire into abstract, unique and sometimes very lifelike artistic pieces. So lifelike in fact, that each piece piece has inpired it's own name. From Shield, to Black Widow, Eau de Parfum or the vivacious Roxanne, The pendants then hang from handstitched, firm, soft leather chokers. They would be a welcomed addition to any hip fashionista's show-stopping reportoire!

#wireweave #shoneljackson #jewellery #london #design #solacedesigns #hip #semipreciousstone

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