African Dazzle Magazine | Noellin Imoh | April 7, 2014

These are no doubt amazing pieces of jewellery and the first of its kind. Why not flutter on the red carpet, events, and other occasions with a special pieces of your own, the good news is, there is only one of a kind, thus no one will have the same piece as yours.


African Dazzle have a 10% limited offer code for the chokers, e-mail us and request for your unique code for one of these precious jewels. This is a limited time offer. "



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Opulent Jewellery by Solace Designs | Jessica Ornelas | January 27, 2014

" Browsed at the local high street stores in search of a bold, mesmerising, statement jewellery piece & failed to do so, with the lack or originality in design furthermore, to the production of material somewhat being a shamble?


With an incredible amount of exposure to creativity in our time, along with highstreet brands supposed implementing catwalk trends into buying ranges for us-the consumer, I have failed on countless occasions to be a satisfied shopper in terms of jewellery available on highstreet stores. Okay, yes I’m not one to purchase jewellery from the likes of Topshop, Urban Outfitters, French Connection & so forth, having sensitive skin which gets irritated easily results to good quality, invested items. However, needless to say I wouldn’t wear a piece for a few hours until any irritation started-simply a case of not finding what is wanted.


After browsing a local market stall in Greenwich, I came across a designer called Shonel Jackson.  Her ideas mould copper, sterling silver & brass wire into striking, abstruse items [Chokers] that are finished so elegantly with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls & various fine stones.


Price ranges may result with you biting your tongue (£40- £190+) however, only for a moment. The feeling you’ll get with the necklaces or earrings on will match up to value, needless to say a rare find that will revamp your look!


Solace Designs "



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Hot In the City | Jennie Mcletchie ~ 'Frocktasia' | July 8, 2013

Gorgeous Shonel of Solace Designs never ceases to amaze me with he creative output. Last month I was bowled over by her fabulous new leather chest plate collars and this month I almost fainted with delight when I saw the latest addition to her stock...


There is something almost otherworldly and magical about these neck-pieces [Chokers] and I can think of a whole heap of frocks in the Frocktasia Vintage Wonderland that they would look stunning with. It would be an absolute treat to do a photo session incorporating these. Shonel, nudge nudge ;)


I think Shonel has an awesome creative vision and massive talent to boot.


Which one is your favourite? I simply can't decide, I love them all! "



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