Natural Agate & Topaz Leather Choker  -  'Lava'

Natural Agate & Topaz Leather Choker - 'Lava'

This is a stunning statement piece! It will dominate your neckline and make a very bold statement that is sure to grab people's attention.

The bright red soft leather choker is hand stitched and has chain links attached in the back so that you can wear it tighter or looser around the neck. The choker is very sturdy and will maintain its integrity and hold its shape forever.

A large Agate stone has been intricately wire woven into this abstract stunning pendant using bronze and silver plated copper, all non tarnish. 8mm Topaz beads have also been woven into the design.

Please Note: THIS PIECE IS ONE OF A KIND. YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT ANYWHERE ELSE. A fact that you're sure to be proud of.

As the piece is so bold, I've thrown in little Topaz drop earrings to compliment it.

The choker itself (without the chain links), measures approx. 16". With the links, you can add up to an extra 4" to the length of the necklace.

The final picture is of the earrings that come with the choker.