Guipure Lace Motif, Agate Onyx & Emerald Necklace

Guipure Lace Motif, Agate Onyx & Emerald Necklace

Beautiful and delicate Guipure Lace Motif necklace.  The lace has been treated to ensure the naturally soft lace stiffens and is very durable as a piece of jewellery.  The beauty of the lace has been enhanced with 8mm Agate Onyx and 12mm x 7mm rice Emerald semi-precious gemstones.

This is a departure from our usual metal pieces, but it is created with the same attention to detail and it still makes a statement all of its own! It would be excellent for a nice function in a killer outfit or in a wedding party.

It could also make a great gift for someone special, as it will arrive to you in a lovely gift box!
  • Details

    At its shortest length (approximately 16cm), it will sit nicely on most necklines. But it can still be adjusted lower down the chest as required (approximately 20cm). Lots of extra links have been added for you to play with.

    The central pendant itself measures approximately 6cm x 6cm.

    This item is made to order with natural gemstones, so please expect slight differences to the one pictured, in regards to the multi coloured stones and lace positioning.

    NOTE: Larger orders of this item can be made if you require it for multiple individuals, for example, in a wedding party, Please contact me via the 'Contact' form.